Up Your Strength Routine

Up Your Strength RoutineUp your strength routine will increase your strength level as much as possible. If you’re looking to be the strongest person in the gym, there is one thing you need to focus on: adding more weight to the bar.

When it comes to developing maximum strength, even more so than when it comes to building muscle size, heavy weight must be a priority. You aren’t about to go for lighter weight, higher rep training because this works in direct opposition of your goal.

Instead, you must aim to lift heavier each and every workout.

The following set-up will allow you to do just that.

When training for maximum strength, since you will be lifting so much weight each workout, it’s going to cause a real stress load on the central nervous system.  If you don’t allow yourself enough time to recover from this between sessions, you’re quickly going to wind up overtrained and moving backwards rather than forwards.


When training for maximum strength you’ll need more rest than when using a regular muscle building program, so you have to be respectful of your time out of the gym.

That’s why this workout utilizes a 3-day on, 4-off set-up.  That will provide your body with plenty of time out of the gym to rest up, recover, and grow stronger. Make sure you are feeding yourself well also, as having sufficient calories for recovery support will be vital to making the training gains you’re looking for.

With the following workout you should perform it using a Monday/Wednesday/Friday set-up or a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday set-up for best results.  Aim to lift the most weight possible for each set you perform while still maintaining proper form.

While training for maximum strength, cardio should also be kept to a minimum as this can hinder progress, so if you are going to do any cardio at all for health’s sake, perform it on the off days at a low intensity for about 20 minutes.

Up Your Strength Routine

Workout A

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Bench Press 5 5 3 minutes
Squat 5 5 3 minutes
Barbell Row 5 5 3 minutes
Step-Ups 3 6 2 minutes
Bicep Curl 2 8 90 seconds
Tricep Extension 2 8 90 seconds
Decline weighted sit-ups 2 8 30 seconds


Workout B

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Incline Bench 5 5 3 minutes
Deadlift 5 5 3 minutes
Pull-Down 5 5 3 minutes
Lunge 3 8 3 minutes
Pull-Up 3 8 90 seconds
Upright Row 3 8 90 seconds
Hanging Leg Raises 2 8 30 seconds


Workout C

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Bench Press 5 5 3 minutes
Squat 5 5 3 minutes
Horizontal Row 5 5 3 minutes
Leg Extension 3 8 2 minutes
Hamstring Curl 3 8 90 seconds
Seated Calf Raise 2 8 90 seconds
Plank Exercise 1 8 30 seconds



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